Purifying salt, pure relief

The name is self-explanatory. A pure experience based on the purifying power of salty air. At the centre of the sauna stands a graduation house, a wooden framework made of blackthorn branches.

Temperature 60- 65 ÂșC
Benefits Beneficial to muscles and joints
Special Comfortable benches

Asthma or skin disorders?

An impressive sight, to be sure, but more important is what it does for you.
Clear saltwater trickles along the graduation house. The wonderful mild warmth evaporates the water, releasing extremely fine salt crystals which spread through the sauna. The crystals land on your skin and you breathe them in, resulting in a healing, soothing and relieving effect.

Asthma or skin disorders?

Do you suffer from asthma, bronchial or dermatologic disorders? Treat yourself to one or multiple sauna treatments in the Saltarium. It will do you good; this technique has been proving its worth for centuries.

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