Russian Banja sauna

The power of the birch tree

The invigorating scent and the soothing power of birch tree branches. You will experience it immediately when you step into the wood-fired Russian Banja sauna. Get a taste of this traditional, nurturing ritual from the cold Far East.

De Russische Banja Sauna

The power of the birch tree

Above the stove is a copper kettle, filled with birch tea. The subtle, calming scent and extracts spread through the sauna. A pleasant warmth cleanses your skin, relieves painful joints and soothes your airways. A treat for your body and mind.

Our sauna masters take care of the original Russian Banja ritual several times a day. Be surprised by the beneficial drops on your skin, let yourself be carried away in this invigorating experience.

Banja ritueel

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