Rose sauna

Sweet-scented and romantic

Our small, romantic Rose sauna will make you feel right at home. The copper kettle on the heat source is filled with rose petals, spreading a calming, mild, sweet fragrance. Close your eyes and imagine yourself in a rose garden in a warm place anywhere in the world.

Rozensauna v2

Calming pink glow

The pleasant temperature ranging from 65ºC to 70ºC helps your body achieve a state of deep relaxation; your skin, your muscles, your joints. At the same time, enjoy the calming pink glow of the rose quartz in the cedar benches. This stone is said to open one's heart to giving and receiving love. There is a very good reason we used it in our Rose sauna.

To fully complete your experience, listen to the harp music by harpist Mechteld Karlien de Jongh; it's heavenly.

Our saunas

Each sauna will warm you and amaze you. Every ritual is authentic and unique.

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Pure, clear and wonderfully warming; surprisingly cooling and intensely refreshing.

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