Kelo earth sauna

Wood-fired, charming and hot!

Located in the heart of our beautiful green garden, this sauna will amaze you. Not only with its remarkable location against the earthen wall, but its high temperature as well. This is our hottest sauna: 100ÂșC! It is an intense and extraordinarily pleasant experience for experienced sauna guests.

Kelo Aardesauna

A wood burning fire

With its wood fire, soft light and an air of privacy, the Kelo Earth sauna whisks you away to the Scandinavian highlands. You do not feel the extreme cold in the area, only the intense heat of this authentic sauna.

Our Earth sauna is made of genuine Scandinavian kelo logs. These logs are at least 100 years old. The fine structure of the wood makes the logs dry and hard, allowing them to keep the temperature and atmosphere inside the sauna extremely stable.

Good to know: The right length of time to stay in a sauna is whatever you feel comfortable with. In this extremely hot sauna, we recommend a maximum of 15 minutes before cooling off. Keep an eye on the hourglasses on the sauna walls while enjoying yourself.


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