Kelo Aufguss sauna

Ultimate enjoyment

The Kelo Aufguss sauna provides plenty of space for relaxation. Built with original kelo wood, this outdoor sauna is one of the largest infusion saunas in the Netherlands. Lie down on our long benches and enjoy the authentic experience in full relaxation.

Kelo aufguss sauna

Kelo Aufguss sauna

The air is comfortably dry and warm. At 80ºC to 90℃, this sauna is a boon to your body. Your skin warms up slowly and maintains a wonderful afterglow when you step outside. Make your skin tingle by cooling off in a refreshing dipping pool or a fine mist shower. We highly recommend it!

Experience the extraordinary infusions by sauna masters from all over the world. Wholesome rituals and inspiring stories!

Restaurant Intens

Pull up a chair and embark on a journey through the culinary world of our chefs. Taste and enjoy pure, locally sourced products.

Our infusions

You must experience our daily infusions! The feeling on your skin; the energy you gain and retain…

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