Infrared sauna

Deep, wholesome heat

All our saunas envelop you in warmth. Our infrared saunas take it a step further: you can feel the radiant heat of the infrared lamps deep inside your body. Take a seat and enjoy the deep heating effect. Your muscles and joints will thank you.


Wellness fact

The best part? You can choose between two infrared saunas: one in the inner courtyard and one at the edge of the garden, surrounded by greenery. Settle into the curved benches of the outdoor sauna, right under the infrared lamps. All you need to do is enjoy it; your body will relax on its own.

Wellness fact
The infrared radiation penetrates deep into your body. Aside from being very pleasant, it is also really good for you. The radiant heat sooths muscle aches, joint pain and rheumatic afflictions. It is also beneficial to your cardiovascular system and cholesterol level. In short, healthy pleasure.


Our saunas

Each sauna will warm you and amaze you. Every ritual is authentic and unique.

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Our baths

Pure, clear and wonderfully warming; surprisingly cooling and intensely refreshing.

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