Infrared sauna Laconium

Deep, soothing heat

Experience heat in a completely different way in the pleasant, dry infrared sauna. The radiation from the infrared lamps tingle softly and intensely on your skin. You can feel the heat deep inside your body; from your skin to your muscles and joints. The feeling is wonderful.

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Positive influence

Take a seat on one of the wooden benches and let the infrared lamps do their surprisingly pleasant work. The warm infrared radiation feels like rays of sunlight warming your body.

The deep warming effect has a positive effect on muscle ache, joint pain and rheumatic complaints. The radiant heat is even good for your heart, blood vessels and cholesterol level. Our infrared sauna is good for you in every way!

Our saunas

Each sauna will warm you and amaze you. Every ritual is authentic and unique.

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Our baths

Pure, clear and wonderfully warming; surprisingly cooling and intensely refreshing.

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