Himalaya salt crystal cave

Mild, purifying and relieving

Discover magical wellness from Central Asia. Hidden away in our garden, in an earthen embankment and behind 200-year-old doors from India: the Himalaya salt crystal cave.
Surround yourself with the mineral-rich air released by heated salt crystals. It is nothing short of relief.

Himalaya zoutkristalgrot

A unique sauna ritual

The centuries-old salt crystals with purifying powers have been shipped all the way from Nepal. The crystals are at their best in this mild sauna at around 65ºC and a comfortable humidity. The sauna walls have been covered in them, which also makes for a beautiful sight.

The clean, pure air is soothing for bronchial complaints, asthma, hay fever and irritated skin. That is the power of nature and the centuries-old wisdom from Central Asia.

Kailash, a unique sauna ritual
Experience a unique ritual of sound, colour and fragrance. Developed by Thermen Bussloo just for you. An intense ceremony which will amaze, touch and relax you. You will feel like you are in another world for a while. We offer you a faraway trip in a short time.

The Kailash ritual in the Himalaya salt crystal cave is part of our experience programme and is included in your package. The ritual is held several times a day. Come in whenever you are ready for a unique experience and there is space available.


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Pull up a chair and embark on a journey through the culinary world of our chefs. Taste and enjoy pure, locally sourced products.

Our infusions

You must experience our daily infusions! The feeling on your skin; the energy you gain and retain…

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