Four elements sauna

Around the world in a single sauna experience

Earth, water, fire and air. Situated at the edge of our garden, the Four Elements sauna lets you experience the power of Mother Nature. Travel to a jungle, across the North Sea, to a volcano and to the desert. Four experiences in warmth, water, colour and sound.

Temperature 80 ºC
Benefits Relaxation through experience
Special Good for the body and mind
Vier elementensauna v2

Four elements sauna

Travel the world in a single sauna experience. From the overwhelming power of the jungle to the refreshing world of the North Sea; from the tranquillity of the desert to the violence of a volcanic eruption. Wind, rain, heating and cooling. Discovery, experience and relaxation form a perfect combination in this sauna.

Take a seat or lie down; allow yourself to be swept away and amazed!

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