Our saunas

A world of warmth and well-being

Each sauna will warm you and amaze you. Every ritual is authentic and unique; in warmth, fragrance and what it does for your mind and body. Try out a wealth of new experiences and, most importantly, enjoy.

Authentic and benevolent

All our saunas are unique. They should surprise you with their own character. They differ in temperature, atmosphere and of course what they do for body and mind. But they all offer a world of relaxation. Let yourself be surprised by unique saunas and soothing wellness.

How long do you stay in the sauna?

You decide how long you stay in the sauna. The recommended sauna duration depends on the type of sauna, the temperature and the humidity. We generally recommend staying in the sauna for up to 15 minutes before cooling off. Then you can of course dive into the sauna again. The important thing is that you always listen to your own body. Do you feel that the sauna is too warm or does it feel light in your head? Then go quietly, even if you have just entered the sauna. Take time after each sauna session to cool off

How many degrees is the sauna?

How much is it in the sauna? This is different with every sauna. In the Russian Bonja sauna, the temperature can reach up to 80 ° Celsius. The Finnish sauna has a temperature of 80 ° Celsius. In the panoramic sauna, it is slightly less warm with 85 ° C. In Saltarium it is about 70 ° Celsius. In the infrared sauna, the temperature is much lower; here it is between 60 and 65 ° Celsius. Due to the relatively dry air, the heat is bearable and many people stay longer here. In the rose sauna it is between 65 and 70 ° Celsius. In the steam cabin it is only 50 ° Celsius, although you feel this sauna due to the maximum humidity pretty warm.

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