Authentic and sensational

The infusions in the experience programme are true experiences. Our sauna masters will take you on a journey to another world, with far away rituals and close-up attention. Just for you.


The infusion

During the infusion, water mixed with essential oils is poured onto the heat source. The sauna master waves the ensuing steam through the air. The humidity increases and the sauna feels hotter and more intense.

The feeling is wonderful. It is also good for your body and skin. You will sweat more and circulation in your skin increases immediately, resulting in a sensational experience for your body and mind.

Restaurant Intens

Pull up a chair and embark on a journey through the culinary world of our chefs. Taste and enjoy pure, locally sourced products.

Our infusions

You must experience our daily infusions! The feeling on your skin; the energy you gain and retain…

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