Sounds, colours and smell

The Kailash, a wondrous experience. It is unique, as the extraordinary ritual was developed by Thermen Bussloo's own sauna masters. An unforgettable ritual of sound, colour and smell in our Himalayan salt crystal cave.


A spiritual role

Our Kailash ceremony was inspired by the holy mountain in India with the same name. The mountain has several names, ranging from "crystal" to "precious jewel of the snow". It plays a spiritual role in Buddhist and Hindu rituals, legends and traditions and is considered by many to be the centre of the world.

In short, extraordinary. A treat for your body and mind. Be amazed and pampered by the Kailash ritual. It is part of our experience programme which is included in your day at Thermen Bussloo.

Restaurant Intens

Pull up a chair and embark on a journey through the culinary world of our chefs. Taste and enjoy pure, locally sourced products.

Our infusions

You must experience our daily infusions! The feeling on your skin; the energy you gain and retain…

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