Ottoman bath house

Steam, scrub, bathe

Enjoy a centuries-old tradition from the Middle East: the Ottoman bath house. A ritual which combines steaming, scrubbing, bathing and relaxation. We call it a journey from relaxation to enjoyment and back.

Osmaans badhuis

You deserve it!

Your Ottoman ritual begins with a warming steam bath. Take your time before rinsing off under a cooling shower. The next step is a scrub with soothing mineral salt scrubs; your skin will feel silky smooth.

The enjoyment doesn't end there. Immerse yourself in the herbal scented blossom bath. Soft water in which you can deeply relax. Look up to see the stone of contention, a large amethyst crystal. Listen to your senses, experience the serene power and enjoy the tranquillity. You deserve it.

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You must experience our daily infusions! The feeling on your skin; the energy you gain and retain…

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