Cool off zones

Refreshing, rejuvenating, cooling

Refreshing mist showers, rejuvenating dipping pools and cooling rain showers. Enjoy your sauna session to the max: cool off in our cool off zones. Your skin will tingle, and you will feel re-energised. It's wonderful!

Cool off

Sometimes just bite through

Cooling off is an integral part of every sauna session. It is important to cool off your body properly after heating up in the sauna. It completes the sauna session, enhances its effect and is good for your body. A cool off moment will make you feel reborn. It can be tough sometimes, but it is always enjoyable.


Our saunas

Each sauna will warm you and amaze you. Every ritual is authentic and unique.

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Our baths

Pure, clear and wonderfully warming; surprisingly cooling and intensely refreshing.

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