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Enjoy an overnight stay in the luxury four-star Hotel Thermen Bussloo and a pure, healthy and surprisingly delicious breakfast.

Our gardens

Close to nature and yourself

Wellness and nature belong together. The beauty and freshness of the green, the power and purity of the elements; they do something to you. It is a feeling of happiness. Experience it in our beautiful wellness gardens.

Large garden and sunbathing area

Wellness and Mother Nature love each other. It is visible and tangible when walking, resting and enjoying yourself in our wonderful large garden. Our garden is a wellness experience on its own.

A variety of sunbathing areas, saunas, baths and whirlpools; all hidden amidst the lush vegetation. It offers a great feeling of security. The earthen embankment surrounding the garden offers additional privacy. Only the sun's warmth can find you here.

The water features add to the atmosphere. Ponds, waterfalls and Bussloo lake in the background make you feel surrounded by nature. Take a load off on one of the sunbeds; have a drink or a healthy, tasty lunch; our wellness garden has it all.


Bussloo lake beach

Turn your sauna day into a real holiday! Our amazing sandy beach awaits you at Thermen Bussloo. Gloriously soft sand which transitions seamlessly into the clear water of Bussloo lake. It is idyllic and a sight for sore eyes.

Kick back in a hammock and enjoy the sun's warmth. Swim a few laps in the lake or immerse yourself in the dipping pool we made here to cool off after your sauna session.


An amazing experience awaits you behind Hotel Thermen Bussloo. At the edge of Bussloo lake lies the Labyrinth. This winding path leads you along a fixed pattern, without crossroads, to the centre of the labyrinth and back out again; a path with a purpose.

The Labyrinth is symbolic for the path of life and searching for the centre, the core of life. The peacefulness of the nature and the serenity of the lake around you make this a wonderful place to be alone for awhile. Try it between sauna sessions or at the end of your day of rest and relaxation.


Zen garden

Pure serenity and relaxed silence; that is the idea behind our Zen garden. You can feel it as soon as you enter this garden. This is where you can reconnect with yourself. The Zen garden is the perfect place for deep relaxation or meditation.

 There are many aspects that make the Zen garden extraordinary. The stones here have a spiritual significance. They have been purposely and carefully arranged asymmetrically to instil a good feeling, a balance.

The green of the ferns, bamboo and mosses provide pleasant peace, reinforced by a wheel in the centre of the garden, a gravel path and the buddha hidden in the greenery. A place so wonderful it's the only place you want to be for awhile. By yourself.

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Enjoy an overnight stay in the luxury four-star Hotel Thermen Bussloo and a pure, healthy and surprisingly delicious breakfast.


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