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Enjoy an overnight stay in the luxury four-star Hotel Thermen Bussloo and a pure, healthy and surprisingly delicious breakfast.

Experience programme

Infusions, rituals, meditations; make your day extra special and unforgettable with our unique experience programme. A day of full enjoyment. The best part: all experiences in the programme are included in your sauna visit. By us, for you. You can never have too much enjoyment.

Pouring sessions at Thermen Bussloo

Thermen Bussloo offers a range of pouring sessions, each of which adds an extra special experience to your day of wellness. Below you will find more information about a selection of our pouring sessions.

Good morning and Goodnight pouring sessions
 These pouring sessions are soothing and relaxing, accompanied by music to match. A great way to start or end your day at the sauna.

Relaxing pouring sessions
A day at the sauna is all about relaxing. And a relaxing pouring session is relatively mild in terms of temperature, making it a perfect way to relax but still enjoy the experience of a pouring session!

Intense pouring sessions
During these pourings, the sauna master will let you experience an even more intensive heat than during the other sessions. As such, the intense pouring session is recommended for our experienced sauna guests.

Our sauna masters are continuously refining the programme, which changes from day to day. Check the large screen to see which pouring sessions are available on your wellness day.

Floating sound session

This unique floating ritual transports you to an ancient Mexican meditation method, in which people could let their day-to-day worries float away for a while in the waters of cenotes. Floating on the saltwater of our cenote and unwinding to the sounds of crystal singing bowls stimulates relaxation and positive feelings.

The burnt resin of the copal tree has a cleansing effect and recharges your energy. A wonderful sound and scent experience on the water.


If you want to experience complete relaxation during your day at Thermen Bussloo, let yourself be swept away with one of our meditations. Escape from everyday life and relax in the finest places our wellness resort has to offer.

Choose your experience

During your visit, you can choose what you need at that moment and what is right for you on the day. You decide. It’s your day! Participation in all our rituals is subject to availability, so you don’t have to choose in advance.

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Enjoy an overnight stay in the luxury four-star Hotel Thermen Bussloo and a pure, healthy and surprisingly delicious breakfast.


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