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Enjoy an overnight stay in the luxury four-star Hotel Thermen Bussloo and a pure, healthy and surprisingly delicious breakfast.

Aufguss IT & Friends

Sixteen friends, all with one great passion; namely to give the best and finest Aufguss sessions in the world. During the Aufguss IT from 15 to 17 March 2024, these friends will perform together in our Sauna Theatre and in the Kelo sauna. A modern, classic competition between the best sauna masters, judged by the participants themselves. Enjoy pure Aufguss with wonderfully scented essential oils, ice balls and hot waves. And in between? Then the sauna masters surprise you with special shows in our Sauna Theatre.

Aufguss IT & Friends
Now from €69,95

This is what you will experience:

What if you could turn your passion into your profession? And share this passion and love with your friends and the guests at Thermen Bussloo? During the Aufguss IT it's all about love for 'Aufguss'. A competition between 16 friends who will surprise you with the very best aufguss. If you book our special package, you will enjoy:

- Access to all sauna and bathing facilities
- Access to all invitations (both show in the Sauna Theatre and classic invitations in the Kelo sauna)
- Free sauna hat - to keep your head cool 
- Participation in our unique experience programme

For only 69.95 p.p.

Water, heat and worldly wellness

Enjoy international aufguss

At Thermen Bussloo, you can regularly enjoy international guest casters. From 15 to 17 March, the Sauna Theatre and our Kelo Aufguss sauna will be the stage for the best Italian sauna masters and their friends. Together, they share their passion for water, heat and wellness. They like to share this with you during the Aufguss IT & Friends Challenge.

Special competitions in which the ascension friends compete against each other. What is special about this event? It is mainly about purity and the basics of a good aufguss. Waving techniques combined with music, scent and ice. Fine, traditional aufguss and pure relaxation. And also special? The friends will judge each other and themselves... Who do you think is the best?

Stay overnight?

Lovely! Such a wellness day full of warming and surprising aufguss. We understand very well that after such a nice, relaxing day, you feel languid and lazy. And that's fine, because after all, you come to us to relax and enjoy yourself.

In the evening, it is even nicer to walk straight from our wellness resort to your luxurious hotel room in your bathrobe. And in the morning, rested and refreshed, you can enjoy an extensive breakfast and an extra wellness day. This is possible with our hotel stays, which you can easily add to your package.

Will you be staying with us during the Aufguss IT & Friends?

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Enjoy an overnight stay in the luxury four-star Hotel Thermen Bussloo and a pure, healthy and surprisingly delicious breakfast.


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